Helena Grinberg-Rashi
Founder and CEO

Helena is a life-sciences executive with more than 15 years of experience in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology ventures. Prior to joining AIDO, she held several leading roles (CEO/COO/VP) in health-tech startups. Helena is an expert in clinical development, and global regulations, with a proven track record of leading the product development process from concept to clinical studies worldwide, successful regulatory submissions in Europe and in the USA, and bringing innovative products to the global market. Helena is the founder and CEO of Titania Technologies, a Netherlands-based strategic consultancy firm. She also serves as a mentor and an advisor for various health-tech start-ups. Helena earned her Ph.D. in molecular medicine and human genetics from Tel Aviv University, Israel (2006) and her MBA from the Richman University (IDC) Hertzlia, Israel (2017).